Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Soap Challenge April 2016 - Location Theme

This month's challenge from Great Cakes Soapworks was a location theme. My soap design, therefore, was an attempt to  reflect our current home of Dayton, Ohio, USA. The Dayton area has a history rich in aviation. It was the home of Wilbur and Orville Wright, pioneers of aviation, and is the current home of Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the National Museum of the United States Air Force. Therefore, I wanted to incorporate an aviation theme into my design.

After a failed attempt at a more elaborate design, I ended up with a simple design of blue and white swirls to represent the sky and cold process airplane embeds made with a mini cookie/ fondant cutter. My household and I really like this soap not only because it smells great (scented with an essential oil blend of lemongrass, eucalyptus, and spearmint) but because the design is simple yet interesting and imperfect yet pleasing.

My entry soap was plan B.

After unmolding and a little rough. The planes were made with cold process soap cut with a mini cookie cutter.

They cleaned up well - subtle and a little imperfect, but interesting.

The Rest of the Story

The above is my short description for the contest. Here's what else happened...

This was my original plan.
Plan A.

I had wanted the plane in a sky of swirling clouds above a field of green with a river running through it. When we moved to Ohio we were impressed with how green everything was. Maybe everything looks green after living in the desert (we had previously lived in Arizona). Still, we were in awe. The river would have represented the Great Miami River which runs through Dayton.

I tried to accomplish my design in a loaf. From the top it looked more like an ocean full of sharks than a sky full of planes.

Naturally, since I didn't try to make my soap till the week of posting, it didn't work out the way I planned.

Cracks! This soap turned out lye-heavy and I miscalculated the fragrance. Double whammy!

Luckily I had enough embeds left to try again the day before pictures were to start being posted. My husband likes the airplanes and the scent so this is a win in my book. Plus, anything used to better my skills and knowledge is a good thing.

P.S. A big thanks to Amy Warden of Great Cakes Soapworks for organizing the challenge.