Thursday, May 5, 2016

Why I Don't Sell My Soaps

I think with any hobby, part of the fun is creating something wonderful. And, when that happens, sharing it with others. There have been a few times that I have shared pictures of my soaps on Face Book or with the Soap Challenge and then been contacted afterward asking if I would sell my soaps. I am flattered and honored that anyone would think what I created would be worth purchasing.

I truly and honestly hope I don't offend anyone with my answer, but I do not sell my soaps at this time.
Here's why.

1. I'm too busy. This was the year I just couldn't say no to requests for volunteers and help. I have been overwhelmed with keeping up with my oldest child's extra curricular schedule, homeschooling my two younger children, taking care of a home that is determined to fall apart, being a loving and supportive wife and family member, and taking on leadership positions in two different organizations. Starting a soap business just isn't in me. It likely won't be for a while. For now, I am quite content making my small batches of soap and experimenting on my own time without making commitments of production or marketing or trying to manage a business and keep it afloat. 

2. I'm cautious. There's a long background story here. I'll just say I have my reasons for not wanting to sell without keeping everything above board, following all the rules, and possessing insurance. Friends and family have enjoyed my soapy creations. But, I'm leery of giving or selling soaps to strangers. What can I say? I'm a rule-follower.

3. I have a lot to learn. Who doesn't dream of being a successful soap peddler when they first learn the craft? After all, its a consumable product that everyone uses (or should, anyway). But, I once read that if this was a dream of yours, to wait a year. After all, you want to put forth your best product and rarely are beginners creating the best products to represent their craft. I tend to agree. I am still working on creating a signature recipe and learning lots about what makes great soap. Plus, selling soap requires knowledge about laws and regulations, etc. Did I mention I'm busy?

4. I want to enjoy my hobby. I gladly give away soaps to friends and family - soaps I know they will enjoy. Its the whole pleasure -of -giving- a- handcrafted- item- to- someone -you- love thing. Trying to produce a product that will please a stranger? Stressful. At least that's my mindset right now. I would rather just play with soap making right now and not worry about producing something sell-able. There's just something about having to do something that takes some of the joy out of it. Remember how busy I am? I really need my hobby to be my escape, not my prison.

Please understand that whenever I am asked about selling my soaps, it brings me joy! Just think - someone would actually pay money for something I made! I find that to be a great complement. So, it pains me to say no. Its just the answer I feel is right.

Perhaps in the future I will say yes. It just won't be anytime soon.



  1. I totally understand this! Besides, a hobby is so much more fun than a job!!!

  2. Thank you for understanding :)